Wallpaper Creator

Create your own custom desktop wallpaper

How to create wallpaper using the wallpaper maker online tool - Wallpaper Creator

Description of application

This is how the application works:

The first component is the wallpaper size.

It measure the screen resolution of the user´s computer automatically.

Upload an image.

An image of good quality can be uploaded from the personal computer of the user, simply by clicking on the "browse" button.

The next step shows a preview of the selected wallpaper and gives the option of selecting additional ornaments to the existing image.

It also gives the option to select the location of the ornaments on the wallpaper, as well as the blending mode. In terms of the position,

the choice comprises of:

  • bottom right (which is set as default),
  • bottom left,
  • top right
  • top left.

The blending mode choices are:

  • transparency (set as default)
  • opaque

The next screen shows a preview of the created wallpaper.

The user can choose between downloading the wallpaper right away, or add more ornaments to it. There is also a check box allowing for the privacy of the image, which means that it will not be shared and displayed in the gallery of the website. If the user choses to add more ornaments to the wallpaper, he is brought back to the previous step where he has the option to add another ornament and select again the position of the ornament and the blending mode. This choice is offered until the user is satified with the result and downloads his/her newly built wallpaper.

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